The alumni portal is offered by Aarhus University (AU). When you register as a member, and when you log on to the portal, you agree to the terms in this agreement.

Access to logon protected content on the alumni portal is granted to alumni, current students and employees at AU. Alumni are former students who have completed an education at AU or who have spent one or more semesters at AU as a foreign exchange student. Former employees are also considered to be alumni.

​Registration of person information
We need some information about you to manage your membership and provide you with the best possible service, including targeted information and relevant offers for you.

When you register, we ask for your Danish CPR number. We use this information to match the information you register with information about you in our administrative systems.

In your profile, you can see information that we have registered about you. You can edit the information and add additional information, and you can also see what information is visible to other members.

We encourage you to add a profile photo and information about your current job. If you have a profile on LinkedIn, you can easily do this by clicking on "Synchronize with LinkedIn" when you are logged on.

You can indicate which types of communication from us you are interested in. By default you agree to receive newsletters, event invitations and further and executive education offers when you register as a member, but you can always opt in or out from receiving these communications.

In your profile there is also a summary of your educations from AU. The information comes from AU's study administrative system, and you can not edit it yourself, but if you find that there are errors or that information is missing, please feel free to contact us so we can update the information.

All member information is owned by AU. By uploading, posting or otherwise transferring content to the alumni portal, you grant permission for AU to use and publish the content.

​Protection of information
We have taken a number of technical and organizational security precautions designed to protect your data from theft and hacking as well as against unauthorized disclosure, abuse or other processing in violation of the law concerning the processing of personal data.

Personal information is transferred via a secure, encrypted connection, and all personal data is protected behind a firewall. AU will under no circumstances exchange personal data with third parties without your consent.

​Rules for use of the alumni network
When you use the alumni portal, it is your responsibility to ensure that the information about you in your profile is accurate and up to date, including that there is always a valid e-mail address registered in your profile, so that we and other members have the opportunity to contact you.

You may use the alumni portal to contact other members with personal and relevant messages.

You may not publish, distribute or disseminate unwanted marketing or inappropriate, defamatory or unlawful content. We also do not allow you to harvest or otherwise collect information about other users.

We reserve the right to remove content that violates the rules and to close your profile temporarily or permanently, if you do not comply.

​AU reserves the right to change these conditions and to change or discontinue the service.

Cancellation of membership
If for some reason you no longer wish to be a member and would like to have your profile deleted from the alumni portal, simply write to Please let us know why you do not want to be a member any longer.

The membership rules were last updated on 11 January 2016.